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A results-driven company at the intersection of trading + technology



We apply advanced research and technology skills to excel in quantitative trading


We actively trade in a broad spectrum of asset classes including equities, fixed income, and commodities. Today our teams work primarily in our own space – a former trading floor that’s now a busy hive of collaboration where our traders, quants, technologists and operations teams work together to solve the toughest problems our markets have to offer.

FX Solutions

We look at the methods market participants use to hedge their risks and express their views, as well as the technology they use to access those instruments, the tools and platforms available, and why they choose them.

Market Data & Analytics

We examine the technology innovation, spending, and the use of market data, reference data, alternative data, and related analytics.

Our independent third-party analyses identify revenue opportunities, assess service quality, and optimize the allocation of resources.



Power of science and technology in the financial markets

We research and develop automated trading algorithms using advanced mathematical techniques.

Volfox takes a special approach to trading financial products, building a sophisticated computing environment devoted to research and development. Bringing efficiency to trading and Investing through data, technology, and intuitively designed products.

We utilize a powerful network, protocol flexibility, seamless workflow, and data science expertise. Our team is constantly working to improve automated trading algorithms and boasts a strong internal code of ethics to promote a fair and transparent market.

  • Thoughtful, creative, curious people come up with the best solutions.
  • The most interesting people have interesting hobbies. Tinkerers, unite.
  • Idea sharing and collaboration is built on trust, respect, and hard work.
  • We’re passionate about the markets and their near infinite mathematical relationships.


The Experts in Data-Driven and AI-First Finance with Python. Our Quants mine research the available price and quote data, identify profitable trading opportunities, develop relevant trading strategies and capitalize on opportunities. We focus on Python and Open Source Technologies for Financial Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithmic Trading and Computational Finance.

Our expertise in interactive, collaborative data & financial analytics using Python and other open source technologies brings powerful derivatives and risk analytics to Trading..



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